Discover the magic, myths and mysteries of the Ecuadorian Amazon

We offer rich and varied activities for all tastes and interests, combining spectacular natural sceneries and wildlife with enriching cultural moments. Our excursions offer visitors the possibility of observing over 380 species of birds, more than 96 species of mammals, and a whole universe of trees and age-old plants such as the 500 year old "Ceibo."

You will hike along trails lined with fruit trees and ride a boat along magical rivers. You will also have the opportunity to gather with local indigenous communities to get to know their unique way of living.

Enjoy days filled with adventures and new discoveries!

New ties

Visit to a local family

After breakfast, we will leave the Lodge and will head toward the Napo River, where we will visit a Kichwa family. We will explore their farm, their products and their authentic way of life.
We will spend a day with them, and together we will prepare a typical local lunch. Following the local tradition, our hosts will serve you a delicious “fish maito.”

Native traditions

Fishing Pirañas

Test your fishing skills with us! In this activity, we will sail in small paddle boats along the Maduro River with our local guides, who will teach you the traditional way of fishing. We will go on a recreational piraña fishing activity and, if luck is on our side, we will get to see this interesting fish face-to-face!

Unique sounds

Visit to the Bird Observation Tower

In this wonderful bird watching activity, you will spot vibrant-colored birds and delight in their unique songs and sounds. A 45-minute trail is taken into the woods to the astonishing 30-meter high (roughly 100 ft high) observation tower.

A magical forest

Excursion along several trails into the woods

We will enter the tropical forest through a trail called “Dos Ramas” (“Two Branches,” in Spanish), where we will learn about many plant species. The knowledge of our savvy guides will allow us to discover trees more than 500 years old. We will observe the symbiosis of the jungle with their inhabitants and will discover the secrets, magic and enchantment of the Amazon rainforest.

Moonlit harmonies

Nocturnal walk

In this activity, we will explore the jungle’s nocturnal life. After dinner, equipped with a flashlight, we will delve into the marvelous forest night. You will enjoy a true symphony of sounds, filled with harmonies and voices of the forest fauna, that will take you to another dimension.

The magic of the night

Watching the enchanting fireflies and reptiles

Every night we offer a boat trip along the waters of Sapococha lake, where the fireflies’ spectacle of lights and sounds takes place. The discreet caimans will also be in the spotlight while we enjoy the symphony of the nocturnal birds, making this unique and authentic night show complete.

Pure flavors

Visit to the cacao

The cacao is undoubtedly one of the most valuable treasures of Ecuador, and is one of the main export products of the country. At our plantation site, you will not only get to know this marvelous plant, but you will also learn how to prepare fine and delicious chocolate with a pure aroma, which you will be able to taste right after.

Ancestral wisdom

Exploring animals and medicinal plants

Local natives of the jungle will share their ancient knowledge with the visitors, teaching about the medicinal plants of the forest and proper usage for each disease. During this trip, you will come across a large variety of birds and mammals.

Pure Nature

Canoeing activities on the rivers of the Reserve

The Reserve is the area that surrounds the lagoon. We will sail its waters to explore the animals that inhabit this zone. It is not difficult to come across deer, tapirs or lowland pacas. We will also watch a large number of birds that inhabit the lagoon area and its surroundings.

An act of survival

Blowpipe activities

We will explore the ancient weapon of all the people who inhabit the Amazon watershed region, and we will learn how to use it in a very engaging activity. The ancient native people of the jungle used this blowpipe or blowgun in the past to hunt their prey, as well as a war weapon. All of this ancient knowledge will be shared with you.

Indigenous Rites

Visit to the Shaman

Upon request, you can schedule a visit to the Shaman of the region, an authority of the jungle, who bears indigenous legacy and wisdom. During this visit, you will get to know more about this extraordinary figure and be enthralled with the knowledge this personage has about the tropical forest. You will also learn about natural medicine in its most authentic form.

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Something to remember

Visit to the parrot licks

We will walk along a trail and arrive at a strategic hidden place in the forest, with a direct view to an incredible wall of parrots, allowing visitors to closely watch eleven different species of parrots, parakeets and macaws. On certain occasions you may even see mammals such as howler monkeys, tapirs and peccaries that come to this area to drink water or obtain vital minerals.

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Herpetology is the branch of zoology dealing with reptiles and amphibians. Areas of study of herpetology include biology, ecology, ethology, taxonomy and genetics, also dealing with the administration of such organisms.
Yarina Ecological Reserve has developed #herpetoadventures, nocturnal activities that allow visitors to meet wonderful nocturnal beings that dazzle us with their colors, forms, sounds and shapes, guiding us through magical sceneries and enabling us to witness the marvelous symbiosis between forest and nocturnal wildlife.

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